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Organisations with consolidated data centers often have to make do with large unmanageable and bandwidth restricted workforce, creating challenges and preventing enterprises from leveraging the true potential of their network.

iArmor accelerates the organisation’s WAN and additionally provides functionalities of VPN, load balancing and QoS. iArmor encryption engine ensures all data between branches and data center is encrypted and secure. iArmor provides LAN like environment over the entire organisation’s WAN increasing productivity of branch offices through increased throughput and higher uptimes.

iArmor is an unique solution to accelerate, manage and secure the office network. It is a

  • WAN Optimization and security platform
  • MPLS, IPLC and NLL replacement / enhancer
  • Multi branch offices connectivity solution
  • WAN Security solution
  • Multi Link Load Balancer

iArmor can improve organization’s network performance up to 40X while significantly reducing network and operational expenditure.

WAN Optimization

Improve the quality and quantity of your WAN bandwidth using WAN Optimization,Protocol Acceleration, and Application

Prioritization while lowering costs.

  • Compression >
  • Caching >
  • Acceleration >
  • Bandwidth Shaping >
  • Load Balancing >



Network Management


Visibility and control over your entire network

  • Distributed Firewall >
  • Extended LAN >

  • Remote Desktop Monitor >
  • Bandwidth Limiter >

Network Security


Control employee access and protect data transmitted
over WAN with enterprise grade security.

  • Gateway AV >
  • Web filter >

  • Enterprise Grade Encryption >