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A robust, scalable mobile application framework to automate processes for improving efficiency of business workforce. Mobigence has a variety of applications for BFSI, courier & logistics, workforce management, etc,.

Mobigence automates the process cycle involved in a workflow thereby ensuring higher efficiency, faster response, real time control, and easier workflow. It extends the core application to the mobile device thereby providing the user with the required data and enabling him to act from anywhere. Mobigence uses hybrid technology i.e., the mobile devices can work both in online as well as offline mode. The user can work with his application in the mobile device irrespective of the availability of proper cell coverage.

With Mobigence you can

  • Enable your workforce with the access to information and ability to take action from anywhere any time.
  • Respond instantly to the dynamic business needs with rapid development and deployment of applications.
  • Improve efficiency by helping your workforce stay connected with your business from anywhere they work.

The Mobigence server sits in the data centre and can be easily integrated with the customer ERP. The Mobigence remote instance on the mobile device communicates to this server through GPRS. The user can make transactions using the mobile device.

Mobigence platform is scalable and flexible such that any new work flow can be implemented and deployed in less than two weeks. Supports any mobile device like Cell phones, Hand-held terminals, PDAs, etc,. Works with any ISP, thus no problem of vendor locking. Hybrid technology ensures usage even in areas where there is no cell coverage. Comprehensive and easy to use web user interface.

Data is Secure. The business data made available in the mobile device is accessible only within the Mobigence application. No other application can access any of this data.

Automatic updates. Any change in the workflow after deployment can be implemented and deployed within hours. No need to get all the mobile devices back to one location and update. Update happens automatically through GPRS.

Multiple Mobigence applications implementing different processes can be installed in the same mobile device. Hence a field executive can do both field collection as well as field verification using the same mobile device.

Field Collection, Field Verification, Microfinance collection, Insurance survey, Sales Force Automation, Work Force Automation for couriers & logistics, etc,.

Roll Out in 2 weeks


Device independent


Service provider independent


Connectivity Independent


Supports even lower end cell phones